Teku Glass : the best glass for craft beer

Restaurants or bars wishing to excite their customers for new “trade beers” should keep in mind two vital rules in achieving success. The first rule is, the eye desires to be delighted, too and the second rule is, a flawlessly shaped glass that will give the complete range of flavours and aromas need to be unleashed in craft beers. This rules leads to the creation of Teku by Rastal that offers outstanding alternatives for any beer environment and style. Teku glasses promote best head preservation by trapping of aromatics. Its open bowl supports and induces big foamy heads and its size permits for headspace. You can take the glass by the stem to avoid the alteration of the beer’s temperature by your hand.


The creator of Baladin Brewery in Torino Italy, Teo Musso collaborated with Kuaska (Lorenzo Dabove), a sensory analyst to produce the Teku glass (derived from “Teo” and “Kauska”). Musso stated that shape and size of a glass is essential in capturing aromatics and important flavour notes of a beer. Musso made a variety of prototypes and let Kuaska assess them all. The idea was to give the glass with an upward-widening and an unusual bend but still, straight-lined rim part that would synergise with each other, making each beer fully unfolds the uniqueness of aromas.

Important Differentiation and Growth Rates

Teku glass is broadly accepted in the marketplace. It evolves over time. It is now available with decors and logos and with an incorporated beer paint scale.

Because of its popularity, RASTAL’s in-house Design Studio produced four siblings to match the original glass. It was presented at the 2012 Brau Beviale trade fair and designed for top-fermented dark beers, craft wheat beers, and other styles of different scenarios. Because of these variants, RASTAL is continuously structuring the success of Teku glass. You will have a distinctive sensory experience when you paired these glasses with your own beer style.

Teku Glass Features:

  • Made in Germany

  • Teku glass is fully blank and with no branding

  • The manufacturer is Rastal

  • The size is 10 oz or .33 liter

  • Stemmed Tulip Glass

  • Teku Glass dimension is 7.75 inches high

You can tilt the glass for a good pour. Doing this doesn’t make the beer to get easily in the glass.Let the beer hit the side of the Teku glass at a very low speed, then you can slide down the beer up to the bottom of the glass. After that, take the glass into a vertical position to guarantee a generous head.

Teku Glasses is presented in a 2 Set Gift box that includes Beer-Testing Guide and Teku Owner’s manual.

What do Experts say about the Teku Glass?

According to Martin Darting, a sensory analysis expert, Teku is an ideal glass to use in consumer environments and professional catering system because according to him, the special design of Teku glasses allows the major beer aromas to open out to excellence for a perfect sensory experience on the palate and nose. He further emphasized that this glass is not the typicall kind of glass that brewers will use for analytical tasting to assess the worth of a beer.

Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Managing Director of RASTAL said Teku glass is full of innovation featuring different colour scale. Dr Werner Gloßner from the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries emphasized that the four siblings of the original Teku glass were amazing. He stressed that the four particular shapes are worthy winners.

You can buy the Teku glass in this link

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