Spain cans !

In January of 2015, When  I moved to York, I usually go every Friday (delivery day 🙂 ) to my favorite bottle shop to catch up with the new British releases. Just a few breweries were canning; Beavertown, Magic Rock, etc. But after one year happened a thing that I call as “CAN EXPLOSION”.  More and more breweries starting canning their beers: Wild Beer, Alphabet, Fourpure and more and more and more.

My surprise was when in February of 2016, Cervezas Arriaca, announced that after a few months of testing, they were ready to be the first Spanish craft brewery to release their beers in cans. It was a great challenge in the history of the craft beer in Spain, and also, an open door for further breweries.  Weeks ago, We were at the opening party for the new brewery of Garage Beer Co. My shock was when I found a tons 50cl cans ready for WHAT? Yes, Recently they are ready to can too. Next 13th of May you can join to the Garage’s for this event. Click here if you want to assist.

Okey, two breweries now canning, but… this week a read on Facebook that another 2 more breweries are almost ready too! In Peccatum, and Compañía de Cervezas de Valle de Kahs (click vídeo here).

Don’t know exactly what is going to happen in the next months, but is the beginning of something solid. We have seen in the States, in the UK and now… Spain?

Who will be the next? Who will join this revolution?


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  1. Reply José Teddybeer 26th April 2017 at 10:00 am

    No cabe duda que unos pusieron la semilla y nos les va nada mal. Hablo de Arriaca cuya calidad con el poco tiempo que llevan es más que consistente y de CCVK que conozco a más de uno que se lleva sus latas a casa para beberlas más tranquilamente. En ambos casos sin que la calidad se vea perjudicada.
    Tanto como una revolución no sé pero si es más que reseñable y que muy pronto se sumará alguna más a este formato.

    Un saludo

  2. Reply cbeerhunter 26th April 2017 at 7:34 pm

    Gracias José por pasarte por aquí como siempre.
    Me gusta llamarlo “revolución” si sucede lo mismo que he visto en UK en dos años. El crecimiento de cerveza artesana en lata creció exponencialmente. Pero también es cierto que es como tu dices, esperemos que la calidad no se vea perjudicada 🙂


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