Size matters

Sometimes size is very important in our life, and in the beer world, size matters too. Is not the same an American pint than a British pint.  Another measure to consider is gallons, especially when you are a home brewer. Have a look some differences:

Pint glass

  • US: 473 ml
  • UK: 568 ml
  • Australia: 570ml
  • South Australia: 425ml
  • Ireland: 568ml


  • US: 4,54 liters
  • UK: 3,785 liters

In some bars in Spain, You can order a UK pint or US pint. Imagine that a UK pint costs 5€ and a US pint 4,5€. Which glass you should take to get more advantage? 100ml of UK pint costs 0,87€ and 100ml of US pint costs 0,95€, so you can get more benefit ordering a UK pint.


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