MASH BEER FESTIVAL (PART II): When the beer is art

Two weeks later is time to express my opinions about Mash Beer Festival, a new European beer festival with a great organization and supported by three breweries (Edge, Garage and Brewski) and Whats Brewing (experts in beer festivals organization).

To be the first edition, we can say that MASH is gonna be a remarkable beer festival in Spain. The organization have chosen a beautiful venue with excellent breweries and good food. Is a good point that you can talk with the brewers about their beers. Also, the freshness and quality was superb, and probably the reason why some beers didn’t come at time for the festival such Other Half or Tired Hands 🙁

A few things to improve and I was missing from other beer festival was a small guide included with entrance with all the breweries and where they were located. At the beginning, there was a little bit of confusion about if the brewers could poured half or there was just the full glass option.  I am sure that all these things will be known in advanced in the next editions.


Nau Bostik is formed by abandoned ware-house used now used for cultural events and well located inside of Barcelona. Within the scope hipster, the location was perfect for this event. Well distributed and different areas for the breweries and people. I dind’t feel burden during the festival, and this is very important.


Not too many queues on the bars. A bit during the entrance for Saturday morning but nothing desperate.


The tasting glass (20cl) is perfect for this kind of events where it gives the opportunity to taste more beers.


The entry costs 12€ for a day with 2 tokens (each token is 1€) and beers costs 2 tokens (full) or 1 token if you prefer half. However, sometimes the price about if can order half or full was confused and some breweries did it and some not.

Regarding the food, you had different options and different prices from 5€ to 10€.

Some people complained about the price, but I still think that is a good price for the quality of the beers and food, and the treatment that the brewers got.


This is probably one of the beer festivals where the food quality and options are at the same level of beers. Different choices form different places in Spain: Fish & Chips Shop Barcelona, Chivous Street Food Barcelona , Fogg Birra and Cheese from Madrid… even Ice Cream made with beer by Olhops from Valencia.


  • Kentucky Common Grounds by Magic Rock Brewing
  • MORE BRUTAL THAN SESSION by La Quince Brewery
  • Roca & Carbó by Ales Agullons
  • Fool For You by Cloudwater Brew Co.
  • Snack Family by WarPigs Brewpub
  • 942 by DouGall’s
  • Babushka Maria Ay Caramba by Sahtipaja
  • #31 Session by Vento Forte
  • Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake by Mikkeller
  • Piña Colada Berliner by I.C.A – Fermun Beers / Abirradero
  • Hop Hash by Espiga
  • Tempus IPA – Sacch Trois by Beavertown
  • Spontaneous Fermentation by LoverBeer
  • Hørny Pilsner (Høppy Pilsner) by La Quince Brewery
  • Agullonensis by Ales Agullons
  • Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout by Cigar City Brewing
  • Cerase Tua by Vento Forte
  • Milky Brain by Naparbier
  • Summer DDH IPA Chinook Citra by Cloudwater Brew Co.
  • El Jefe by J. Wakefield Brewing
  • Moonwalk by 18th Street Brewery


I have to say YES. Different point of view comparing other Beer Festivals in Spain or in Barcelona, but the idea to have some of the best breweries from Spain, Europe and US paired with excellent street food from the rest of Spain and combined with live music in this kind of venue. I need to say, HOPE TO BE IN MASH NEXT YEAR.



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