Barcelona Beer Festival 2017 (Part I)

So yes… After three years I am going back to the BBF. When it started (If my memory doesn’t fail me) in 2012 the venue was really small, there weren’t too many breweries like today and I hardly remember events or so. I didn’t have too many experiences with the craft beer, but I remember breweries like “Sierra Nevada”, which I thought that it was a Spanish Brewery. Can’t imagine after 5 years how the festival has grown up and how my passion for beer has had this huge impact in my life (festivals, friends, travels,etc). Now I can say, beer is my principal hobby, and one of the main reason is because of the BBF.

How does the festival work?

The festival will be the 24th,25th (from 11:00 to 23:00) and 26th (from 11:00 to 21:00) of March. The venue has changed in regard to last year, but know. Now is not in Barcelona, but pretty close and very accessible using public transport (Metro Rambla Just Oliveras L1 or the red line. Also you can use Catalonian trains).  You can buy tickets for the 3 days (click here) and avoid queues. Also, you get a t-shirt and a commemorative tasting glass. If not, you can do the queue, and but the ticket there. Normally the ticket is the BBF glass and a few tokens (2 exactly) and the price is 7€. Each token costs 1 € and the beers are of 2, 3 and sometimes 4€. We highly recommend buying tokens when you are buying the glass to avoid queues inside.


At the moment, the only breweries confirmed are from Russia but I guess that we will know more in a few days 🙂 However, you can find here the beer list if you want to have an idea.

More info

We recommend staying near to a metro stop but also near to the Beerxample. APBCN Fira Eixample has good prices for apartments and is near to Plaça de Espanya.

Metro map

Beer Scene in Barcelona

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