8 best homebrewing books

Many individuals these days love to drink beer. However, those who are not inclined to drinking this would usually ask what exactly a beer is. Beer is simply defined as fermented beverage made of cereal grains. Specifically, beer is composed of four major ingredients including hops, which is grown in many different varieties, grains that are mainly malted barley, yeast which is responsible for fermentation and water which accounts for about 95% of the beer’s content.

Knowing the basic ingredients of beer and where to find them especially if you are planning to engage yourself in the brewing process really makes sense. Aside from the basic ingredients of beer, you might also be surprised to learn other ingredients that can be used to create more unique flavors. All these ingredients contribute to the overall outcome of the taste or flavor of the beer.

Keep in mind that each ingredient plays essential role in the brewing process and even small changes or adjustments on the amount of ingredients can make a big difference on the overall taste of the final product. If you are planning to brew beer at home, there are the 8 best home brewing books that can help and guide you accordingly.

If you want to learn the brewing process that you can easily perform a home, you better pick up a home brewing book. The 8 best books recommended for individuals like you who wish to master the art of home brewing are as follows:

Water-A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (Brewing Elements)


This homebrewing book is written by John Palmer. Water is the most vital element in the beer brewing process. This book is undeniably a helpful guide and lead brewers to the treatment and chemistry of brewery process up to the wastewater treatment. This also includes discussion like reading water reports and understanding residual alkalinity, flavor contributions, mash pH and malt acidity.

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Malt-A Practical Guide from Field to Brew House


This is also one of the best homebrewing books written by John Mallet focusing on malt which is considered as the beer’s soul. This provides clear overview of malt with main focus on the barley starting from field up to the malting process. This homebrewing book also offers a detailed discussion about enzyme, Maillard reaction and more. This is perfect for all brewers with different levels of experience who aspire to learn more about malt and its significant role.

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Yeast-The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation


This is also a great homebrewing book that serves as an excellent resource for brewers with different levels of experience. This book covers yeast selection, handling of the yeast cultures, storage, ways to culture the yeast and art of washing or rinsing yeast cultures. Step by step equipment and procedures are also included as well as troubleshooting guide.

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For The Love of Hops


This homebrewing book written by Stan Heironymus is a practical guide to bitterness, aroma and culture of hops. In this book, the author expertly explains the origin and nature of hops as well as hop quality and utilization. “For The Love of Hops” is indeed one of the best homebrewing books that include an exclusive reference catalog with over 100 varieties and their special characteristics. This book enables you to learn more about beer and beer brewing.

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American Sour Beer 


This is another great homebrewing book written by Michael Tonsmeire. One of the most dynamic and exciting segment of the craft brewing scenes today, American sour beers are intentionally designed to be tart and might be inoculated with the souring bacteria that is fermented with the wild fruit or yeast. These are combined with younger beer or stored in barrels as they age.

Homebrewers and craft brewers adapted the traditional European strategies in creating some of the experimental and distinctive styles in the world. This book presents the broad range of ingredients and processes in the production of American sour beers. This contains actionable tips and advice for every stage in the process. Education, practical applications and inspiration for all levels of brewers are also provided by some of the best known brewer of sour beers in the country.

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Modern Homebrew Recipes-Exploring Styles and Contemporary Techniques


This book was written by Gordon Strong taking individuals to a guided journey towards homebrew recipes. This homebrewing book includes the most recent BJCP style changes. The book also follows a primer regarding specific techniques for beer brewing , fundamentals of recipe formulation and way to adapt these recipes to your system. This includes over 100 distinguished recipes.

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IPA Brewing Techniques


This book authored by Mitch Steele allows you to experience the evolution of one of the famous styles of craft beers, India Pale Ale. IPA is equipped with various brewing tips for the best brewers of the country. The book also covers essential techniques ranging from water treatments up to hopping processes and procedures. This include 48 recipes that range from the historical brews up to recipes for well-known modern IPAs made by brewers at Firestone Walker, Pizza Port, Stone, Dogfish Head, Deschutes and Russian River.

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Designing Great Beers


Another interesting homebrewing book is the one entitled “Designing Great Beers” authored by Ray Daniels. This is somehow similar to Jamil Zainasheff’s Brewing Classics since it also concentrates on brewing based on style guidelines. Individuals can think of “Designing Great Beers” as a sequel to Jamil Zainasheff’s Brewing Classics. This book goes more in depth about the major components of beer styles, malt types, yeast, hops, water chemistry and more. One of the best features of this book is that contains actual data derived from the National Homebrew Competition revealing how winning beers were made. The author also provides graphs and charts that show real beer trends.

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If you are looking for the best books for homebrewing, these eight books are highly recommended. These books come with substantial content that will increase your knowledge and awareness about beers and brewing.

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